About Todd Christensen



Todd began lifting in 1974 to prepare for junior high football. He began powerlifting in 1980. He is a graduate of Oregon State University where he trained under the legendary Dr. Pat O’Shea and two time IPF World Champion Doyle Kenady. Todd has a BS in Exercise Science from OSU and has several fitness certifications including the National Strength and Conditioning Association. He was inducted into the Washington State Powerlifting Hall of Fame in 2008.

* Exercise Science major Oregon State University B.S. 1985
* Gym/Fitness club management since 1986
* Nationally certified strength coach NSCA 1995
* 38 years wt. training experience
* 28 years coaching experience
* Competed/Coached in over 200 sanctioned competitions
* Coached/Trained over 3000 lifters
* Coach of 3 Time USAPL National Champion Masters team 2008,09,10
* Coach of 2009 USAPL National Champion Combined Womens Team
* Coach of 2011 USAPL 2nd place Masters Women’s Team
* 2008 Washington USAPL Coach of the Year
* 2008 Elected to the USAPL Washington State Hall of Fame
* 2003 Recognized for 20 years of Coaching USPF/APF/WABDL NW lifters

Best contest lifts:

Squat 771
Bench 573
Deadlift 710

Squat 650+ 22X in sanctioned competitions
Bench 500+ 40X in sanctioned competitions
Deadlift 650+ 19X in sanctioned competitions

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