Busy Competition Season for SSP

Competition season, or at least the spring competition season, is underway for SSP lifters.  Four women – Jill Arnow, Jill Joiner-Wong, Faith Ireland, and Sarah Bohlen just got back from Women’s Nationals.  Todd did a great job with the women, with Faith taking first, Sarah and Jill J-W taking second, and Jill A not getting a squat in.  (I’m sure Todd will be posting more details soon).

Next up, several of the lifters will be competing at Bar Brawl for Belle at Local’s Gym in Lynnwood.  Then Jill A will return to Orlando in early July for the Pan American Championships, hoping to redeem herself and Jill J-W and Alan Tepper will head there a few weeks later for Raw Nationals.  That same weekend, Paula and Todd will be hosting the Seattle Summer Classic.  Expect to see almost everyone from the gym there either lifting, judging, or spotting and loading.  The meet will be held at Meredith Mathews East Madison YMCA.  Others may choose to lift in August at the Alki Beach Classic on the 17th.

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