SSP at WA State USAPL Championships

Seattle Strength and Power Team member results at the 2013 Washington State USAPL Championships:

Max Broburg placed 1st in the 19-20, 181lb Raw Division with a 319 squat, 214 bench and 418 deadlift. Max competes again on June 8th at the Lynnwood UPA contest.

Newcomer Keith Dow went 9 for 9 in his first contest, placing 1st in the 198lb Open Raw Division with a 369 squat, 209 bench and a 440 deadlift, Great job Keith !!!

Cam Johnson placed in the Open 220lb Geared Division with a 440 squat, 270 bench and a 440 deadlift. His 1150 Total is a PR !!!

Veteran Sarah Bohlen placed 1st in the Masters 40-44 Womens 181lb Division with a 303 squat, 181 bench and a 314 deadlift. This was Sarah’s first contest back since she broke her leg last summer falling from a climbing accident.

Open lifter Nat Fellows placed 2nd in the 242lb Raw Division with a 314lb squat, 209lb bench and a 440lb deadlift. The squat, bench and Total are all PR’s for Nat !!!

3X IPF World Champion Jill Arnow had a rough day in the 50-54 Womens 198lb. Division. Jill lifted raw and squatted 310, benched 181 and then had trouble holding on to the bar on a 374lb deadlift. The contest bar used had very little knurling and several veteran lifters had trouble with the grip. No worries, Jill is back and recently pulled a 405lb Raw deadlift easily!!!

Larry Hill drove over from Yakima and won the 50-54 Mens 198lb Division with a 405lb squat, 281lb bench and 501lb deadlift, great job Larry !!!

Veteran Alan Tepper got in a tough third attempt squat of 402lbs, then missed on his benches of 303lbs by not being able to touch in a tight shirt and a slight lift of the hips on an otherwise good third lift. Alan is back stronger than ever, getting ready for the Raw Nationals this summer !!!

Best for last, Jack Rankin won the 65-69 Mens 181lb Division and hit a lifetime PR and State Record squat of 440lbs !!! He then benched 214 and deadlifted 435. After 20 years of squatting, he is still hitting PR’s !!! Great job to everyone !!!

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