SSP Women Head to USAPL Women’s Nationals

This coming weekend four of the women from Seattle Strength and Power will be in Orlando, FL competing at Women’s Nationals.  Live streaming of the competition can be found at

Faith Ireland will be leading off on Saturday afternoon.  Lifting will start at 2:00 pm Eastern (11 am in Seattle).  Sunday morning (lifting starting at 9 am Eastern, 6 am Pacific) Jill Joiner-Wong will lift and then Sunday afternoon (lifting starting at 2 pm Eastern) Jill Arnow and Sarah Bohlen will be lifting.

Good luck to all the SSP women and all the women travelling to Orlando.

Jill Shows Up on Powerlifting Watch

Big news of the day…  Jill Arnow is the featured lifter on Mass-Lift, the Massachusetts USAPL site.  The story also was posted (with pictures and videos) on

squat 3

Here are the links (they are essentially the same):

Featured Lifter on Mass-Lift

Powerlifting Watch

Also, if you haven’t seen it yet, Seattle Strength and Power has a YouTube Channel.  Subscribe, send Jill videos to post, comment (comment here too).